Sounds of Madagascar

Enter a truly unique journey through Madagascar and the worlds of sound!

Madagascar, one of the most breathtaking, vivid and spacial places on this planet, will be our host for our 17 nights and 18 days journey.
Do you dream of a fusion of authentic traveling and conscious being?We pair up authentic off-tourist-track experiences with natural and healthy group experiences.
Our maximum group size is six people. 
Allow yourself to simply be you and explore the realms of being in a casual container and a dream holiday. 
Connected with nature in its highs and lows, in its light and its shadows,  we invite you to explore your very own inner facets, your hidden desires and potential as well as the power that lies within that.  All of you is welcomed, loved and appreciated! 
Enter the vivid, soulful, calm and vibrant energies of Madagascar and recognize yourself in each of these gems. 



This journey will guide you through Madagascar. A land full of surprises that holds so many treasures that nowhere else can be found. 

Go on wild rides, seaside stays, honeymoon like holiday, crazy treks and untouched nature walks with the possibility to connect deeper than ever before! 

Madagascar is home to hundreds and thousands of species that are exclusively living on this island. 80% of Madagascar’s plant and animal wildlife is unique to this island and is found only here on earth. Being the fourths biggest island in size on our planet, it holds different climate zones, completely different landscapes and soil.  

Sound healing during this retreat:

In sound healing you enter the world of true and natural self expression.

  • Breath work - free your voice, feel yourself
  • I do have a voice - blockages and potential, the old and the new
  • Body of sound - activation and exploration of your sound vessel, your body
  • Vibrance therapy - vibration as a healing energy
  • Voice activation, processing through sound and vibration
  • Beyond beauty - sounds of truth instead of performance
  • Voice meditation - connection in a sound circle, let go, become one
  • Sound of waves - sound healing massage 


Sounds of Madagascar is a journey through inner and outer realms. It is designed to be a conscious holiday, not asking you to be experienced or even advanced in sound healing. Absolute beginners are as welcome as sound therapists that wish to bring a holistic approach into their practice. Everyone is very welcome exactly the way they are. If you have physical limitations or need support on this journey, please consider contacting us before booking, since some hikes and tracks can be physically challenging. A high physical fitness is not a prerequisite for this journey, since the real challenge might be more about opening up and fully being you ;)


Day 1

Arrival in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. You decide whether you need to rest or to jump into the crowds. Optionally visit a day spa, explore the vivid and vibrant city or simply relax and arrive within your body. Spend the night in a comfortable hotel in the center of town.

Day 2

Tana - Malagasy vibrance. Enjoy half a day off in one of the most interesting cities on this planet. Onboarding for the upcoming 16 days, Q&A in our group setting. Arriving within the circle. Intro to sound healing and its power. 

Day 3

Experience the life of a Malagasy family! We visit a Malagasy family, eat, drink and share time with them. Explore authentic villages and surroundings nearby. Dinner together in the family’s lush garden.

Day 4 

A direct flight takes you to Nosy Be, an Island in the North of Madagascar (air fare included). Scenic drive with a Tuk Tuk along the fields of rice and Ylang Ylang (tour included). A motorized boat takes us to our destination for the next 5 days. 

Day 5 

An off the grid island with white sandy  beaches and sea turtles will be our home for four nights. We dive deeper in the art of sound healing. Daily classes included.

Day 6

Exploration of the island and swimming with sea turtles. Free afternoon in your little paradise. Sunset class: voice exploration and breath work in paradise.

Day 7

We rise with a sound healing circle for sunrise. After Breakfast you can decide whether you want to simply enjoy the beach or go snorkel at a close by reef. 

Day 8 

It is time to leave this little gem and hit the biggest island around. Time to restock and enjoy some luxury of western standards.

Day 9

We gather for a tour. You will have the chance to experience an authentic, non touristic part of the island, go hike on a mountain, visit a waterfall or buy Vanilla, Cacao and much more in the capital of this colorful island.

Day 10 & 11

After a second relaxing night in a home with European standard, refreshed and recharged, we take off to our next adventure. We explore real primitive rainforest by day and by night, watch the stars become bright and sound with the cicadas and lemurs. Stay two nights at a simple but authentic hotel directly on the border to the primitive forest. 

Day 12 

After two adventurous and sometimes challenging days, we hit the boat for the next gem in the Indian Ocean. After four hours we anchor at an oasis of calm and beauty. We spend two nights on this dream island, coming back into sound and wisdom of our bodies and enjoy the epic scenery of crystal clear turquoise waters, turtles and bright white sandy beaches. A dream coming true.

Day 13 & 14

Be astound and grounded at the same time. We will live with the villagers (in our own small traditional Malagasy houses and access to European toilets). 

Embody the simplicity and endless beauty of this so different life, theses people live. Vibrational therapy class at the beach.

Day 15

Leaving this unique piece of land in the Indian Ocean we change scenery and board an island rough and jungle style in its energy, Lemur island. We stay two more nights up far in the hills with scenic views, group meals and slow processing.

Day 17 

A slow motion goodbye before you depart on day 17 by boat back to Nosy Be and take your flight back to Antananarivo (boat transfer, airport transfer and air fare included). We also included one more night in Tana close to the airport, in case your return flight home should be on Day 18 or in case you would like to continue the journey with Mevanya.

Day 18

Check out from your hotel. You decide whether to move on, fly home or continue the journey with Mevanya.

We’re not only taking you on your inner journey but on a trip through the beautiful and astonishing landscapes of Madagascar.

Stefa and Mevanya guide you along some of the wonders of Madagascar, but more than that the biggest wonder on this journey are you. 



The price for this journey is 2880,-

Included are:

  • round trip air fare Antananarivo - Nosy Be - Antananarivo
  • transport by boat, car or other transportation to reach our destinations as per program
  • gasoline for our transportation
  • 17 nights accommodation accordingly to the program, varying in single and double rooms
  • one meal per day
  • filtered water for the length of 18 days, with a maximum of 4 liters per day and per person
  • park entry fees for national parks
  • fees for our guides
  • all classes and excursions mentioned in the program

Not included are:

  • additional excursions
  • additional drinks and meals
  • air fare from your city of embarkation to Antananarivo and return

Book your sound healing retreat embedded in a conscious holiday through different inner and outer landscapes on Madagascar.